About us


Profex is a study and consultancy agency for entrepreneurs, SMEs and industry. Our PROFessional EXperts are your experienced guide in the following three domains: environment (& construction), soil and energy. A pragmatic and problem solving approach is our second nature. On top of that, our advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of legislation offers you a maximum chance of success for your project.

You can count on our reliable and progressive advice. Because together with you, we represent daring entrepreneurship!


Profex strives to inspire and advise its customers so they can get the most out of their business as entrepreneurs.

Dreaming is allowed. Taking extraordinary actions is our passion. This puts us in a strong position to assist you as an entrepreneur.

Profex motivates you and your employees so you can be a leading player in your sector.

Profex, a team full of specialists

Profex has several recognitions and certificates :

  • recognition as a soil expert in the 3 regions

  • recognised external environmental coordinators

  • accredited safety coordinators

In addition, Profex also has the recognition for the 'training' pillar through the SME portfolio.

The Profex team consists of thirty driven people. Many of them are engineers and/or environmental coordinators by training. These professional experts build on more than twenty years of experience in the consultancy sector. Would you like more information about one (or more) of our people? Then be sure to send an e-mail to info@profex.be.

About us

In 1996, the building consultancy DLV was established, providing specialised advice for farmers. Over the years, not only more consultants were added, but also more and other areas of expertise: environment, energy, quality, prevention, taxation, ... Twenty years later, DLV has grown into the consultancy partner of all entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.

But it wasn't just our range of services that underwent changes. Various sectors called on our advice. That' s why Profex was set up in 2014 as a consultancy agency for SMEs and industry. Profex and DLV are brands of the company United Experts cvba: a company with more than 180 consultants, each with their own expertise.

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