Energiebeleidsovereenkomst (EBO)

Does your company have a high consumption of energy? 

Then you probably qualify for entering the Energy Policy Agreement (EBO). The EBO is not binding. An energy-intensive company within the target-groups joins on a voluntary basis, and is entitled to financial concessions and an exemption from some obligations.

Broadly speaking, the EBO consists out of the following aspects:

  • Set up an action plan

  • Energy audit

  • Preparation of the energy audit report and energy plan (with identification of various measures)

  • Implementing the measures

  • Annual monitoring

Drawing up an EBO is a specialist job. In many companies, employees have neither the expertise nor the time for it. That' s why they rely on an external energy expert. He or she coordinates all tasks within the EBO and, together with an internal energy expert, forms a team for the export of the entire process. Profex has the external energy experts you may be looking for!

Are you not selected for the EBO but would you still like to optimise the energy efficiency of your existing equipment and therefore significantly reduce costs? Contact us for a non-committal conversation.

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