Warmte-krachtkoppeling (WKK)

In CHP, heat and mechanical energy (usually converted into electricity) are generated at the same time, resulting in efficiency gains.

Does your company have a large heat and electricity demand? Then there' s a good chance that a cogeneration installation based on natural gas is an interesting investment.

Based on your consumption profile, we will carry out a CHP potential study. We then take a close look at the consumption and the effective energy demand and determine the optimal dimensioning of the CHP in function of your business operations.

In addition, we also help you with grid management (including grid studies for natural gas and electricity), drawing up the necessary permits, and assistance in obtaining the CHP subsidies.

No natural gas grid nearby? The first kilometre of network expansion is free of charge for high-quality CHP installations.

Profex ensures that you make the best possible use of your installation.

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