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Rebuilding a house as a young family is quite an adventure. Before starting work, you need to have sound plans, an environmental permit, etc. However, the possible presence of asbestos in old houses has recently been put more on the map. With the introduction of the Flemish Action Plan for asbestos removal, more and more people are aware of the possible dangers of asbestos removal. Especially if you are going to be responsible for the demolition work yourself, it is important to be aware of the applications containing asbestos that are still present. Inadequate removal of asbestos can cause considerable damage to health in the long term.

In this context, Profex also assists private individuals. When renovations are planned, it is always advisable to have an asbestos inventory drawn up in advance by an expert. This allows you to perfectly avoid potential risks resulting from this by having the applications removed beforehand. 

Profex has been contacted by a young couple in Zutendaal who have just bought their future dream house. Before they started breaking out they first wanted an asbestos inventory of their house. Profex was selected because of the clear communication during the preparation of the quotation. 

Unfortunately, after a site visit and analyses in the lab, a number of applications containing asbestos were retained. However, identification of these allows them to be removed correctly, without risk of damage to health during demolition or by residual contamination after renovation. After drawing up the inventory Profex always provides expert advice about the removal methods. If so required, the knowledge and experience of our expert can still be called upon at a further stage. 

Are you also going to renovate? Or do you wish to purchase a house and you recognise one of the applications on the photos below? Then contact Profex now for preparing an asbestos inventory. 


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