Advies & administratie

If you are running a business or planning an expansion, be aware of a lot of environmental issues. Our consultants offer you an appropriate answer to all these environmental questions. Whether it concerns the installation of a water treatment installation, or perhaps you have a problem with odour, noise or mobility, or you are not sure whether your current environmental permit is in order. You can approach us with all such questions

Environmental consultancy

Profex has years of experience at food companies and waste processing companies (both organic and inert waste processors). But we are also familiar with many other sectors such as carwashes, garages, textiles, carpentry, metalworking, funeraria, healthcare sector. But smaller companies such as bakers, butchers and other independent entrepreneurs also benefit from our environmental advice. We are a crack at optimising various processes so you can avoid unnecessary costs.

Environmental administration

As an entrepreneur, don't be discouraged by legal obligations and annual administration. Our consultants know the tricks of the trade and can take care of many requests and administration for you. Think for example of waste water tax returns, Integrated Environmental Report, Val-I-Pac/Fost Plus affite, measurement and inspection obligations, and so on.

We follow the legislation closely on your behalf. Enlist the services of Profex and you can be sure that your company is in compliance with environmental legislation.

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