The Environmental Inspection Division (MI) is responsible for the enforcement of environmental hygiene legislation. In other words, they monitor compliance with environmental regulations. Why does the environmental inspectorate visit your company? And what should you do?

Environmental inspection or supervisor at my company? What now?!

Environmental Inspectorate carries out targeted inspections, routine and progress checks, but also inspections as a result of complaints. When you are being visited by a supervisor, you do not have to feel immediately affected. Always be constructive and contact your Profex consultant.

Determined offenses

The inspector can take various actions if violations are found during the inspection: advice, reminder, official report or administrative measure.

If the environmental inspection or a supervisor notice that an environmental infringement or environmental crime is about to happen, they can draw up advice for your company. There is no immediate need for you to take any action if you receive advice. It is very important to react in case of an exhortation, PV or administrative measure. If you receive a reminder, you can stay out of the sanction procedure with the advice of Profex. A PV is submitted to the public prosecutor's office. This means that the official report will be handled under criminal law or will be passed on to the administration of administrative fines.

The last sanction, the administrative sanction, obviously weighs the heaviest. It is important to check whether the measures are justified and/or necessary. In certain cases, we can, in consultation with you, mitigate the sanction or go on appeal.

If you are confronted with a visit from the environmental inspectorate and you do not know what to do, contact your Profex consultant. We will be pleased to guide you and offer you expert advice on the measures to be taken.

Of course, we can also assist you with a pre-planning approach for these kind of visits.

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